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Briefing 050203 Growing Pains
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Growing Pains

May 2, 2003
     we have started the squadrons, on jan1-03, we have been in the forming stage and have not come to any conclusions as to which squadron should use which type of tactics.  i've always wanted all squads to be fluid with such matters, that is , the co of the squad can , and should, along with his members  should be able to choose which type of planes and or combinations to fit their particular mission, also the type of tactics which which is best suited for the planes for the  mission to be run.this does not supercede the input of the command staff which shall also remain fluid to change. each mission shall be viewed for which method shall be best.
     this means that squadrons should be familiar with all planes, all tactics so as to help them prepare  to meet and conform to a variety of challenges.  one squadron may excell in certain tactis, using their choice of planes.  at this time , i discourage the mind set of having to use a certain plane / with a specific plane.   before the squads find comfort in certain planes / wingman, thatch weave tactics, they will be exposed to various planes and as many methods of tactical manuvers as we can experience.  to seek as many various  tactics , we have found many web sites which give us detailed info from other squads.when we have time to do so. we shall tap this wealth of information. 
     we have not acheived all our goals due to times which our members can get together, but we have a training group in place and allied trainers to assist us.  this will improve in due time.
     to be able to do such, i have set these prior mentioned goals for our trainers. it is noted within directive  "moving towards our goal"  of 3/21/03.
     we have in place a training staff,  directive "developing training staff"  of 2/6/03.
     sure we have growing pains but we,as a group we have made great gains.  we train ,skirmish and are working as a team and improving as we go.  we shall remain fluid, more laid back then the average; an yet will be a force to be reckoned with.    
i  --==S==--  the members of the mercenaries fighting force , their friends and especially our allied squads for their assistance in this endeavor.

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