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Briefing - 071603 Smooth out your Gun Platform
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Smooth out your Gun Platform 

Sent Wednesday, July 16, 2003 1:15 PM

Subject: Re: MFF Base

I hope I can muddle through the cfs2, you have explain it in detail, ty. To stay on someones tail is ok in a ffa, or novice game of teams, but when the whole gets better. It will be evident to most that you should
* smooth out your gun platform.
* Hit in one spot, vs. all over.

Last night, I heard a comment, I hit him with one page, (others had hit 232nd Drake prior) he should be going down, I can believe he is not. I thought this amusing, because I felt the same way earlier in flying. Once I have learn how to keep the plane in the air, I realize it can be done. I have flown with as many as 5 pages or more in me, because I know which way to twist the stick into a pretzel to keep it up. I rarely use flaps; never used trim, dont know where it is. I still have room to improve. I do know that 8 or 10 hits in one spot, is as good as 3 pages or more shotgunned all over the plane. I realize that this skill puts me under suspicion of cheating, but I can do it.

I have no doubts now that others can do the same - 232nd Major Buck for one. But for sure, if you took 10% of those bullets, put them in one vital spot, he will go down!

If any one has played pool, he looks at the game and hits one ball, and already knows which ball he will be lined up to hit next. With more insight, practice of what has been said here, then for thought to do so will come automatic as a reflexive reaction. Line up path, smooth out; hit quickly as you all rolling out to the next engagement. Repeating and scoring the hits, not the kills. I observe a mate that does well in this theory; watch MercBuck. I didnt track too many bogies last night but I hit them, others do the same, the bogies are destined to add to the team score. Many times I see wings come apart, explosions and mates pass me to finish them off. It will be realized in due time that a cripple is not very effective, but better yet, a whole squadron of cripples delays their kills, while we bump them off as they re-spawn and come back to defend their buddies from all the carnage. One tactic of a dying cripple, is to leave a enemy squadron dragging two bogies away from their team so there are chasing a ghost, thus a pursuant team looses assistance while they shoot waste ammo into a ghost. Meanwhile their mates are getting pounded as the opposing teams score goes up.

Pap has not made contact yet with me, might have not seen it, like erased zm while I was typing one. Without knowing who popped in on me. Sometimes Im looking at the keyboard while typing a zm, end up with one popping on where I was finishing a zm and sending it back, not knowing where it went or had came from.

I will follow up for you, tell me if you dont get answers from e-mail. Muerte is working long hours.



----- Original Message -----
From: "Mff_Eagle3"
To: "mrace"
Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2003 8:51 AM
Subject: Re: MFF Base

Good morning Ace,
Glad to hear you got the file opened. Make sure you remember where you put the Mercenaries Den file. Then go
into CFS2. Select Settings, then Scenery Library. When you see the list of sceneries, select the Add Scenery
button on the right and go to the location of your Mercenaries Den file. Highlight it and select OK. Be sure
the box is checked next to it in the Scenery Library in CFS2 and exit the Scenery Library page. Select Free Flight and change the location. Mercenaries Den should be in the drop down list above Midway.

Hope this helps. Glad to hear your RW working last night. I agree with you, everyone is getting good! I too find
that I have to make a pass, instead of sticking to one target. Although I regularly forget and get shot down, if I would just stay focused on booming through the fur ball, I would be much more successful.

I said something to Pap last night on ZF about training and asked that he ZM you to let you know his thoughts. Did he contact you? I did email them both as well and sent you a copy of the email.


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