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Bolt's Promotion

In the past, we have discussed the possiblility of promoting Merc Bolt.
Because of his desire to fullfill the goal we have set for the MFF, that being to have a body of pilots that promote the flying games with good character, to avoid and not insite unneccessary build the Squadron to improve the quality of our gaming, commeradery, teach tactics and manuevors.
 MercBolt relays our attutude that Members should be exposed to different tactics, experience various planes so as to improve their skills which fit the individual as to what works best for them and to help us team better as a cohesive unit .
Congratulations Bolt.             We salute you
      --==S==---             Mrace           MFF

S~ MFF_Mrace,

Bolt is indeed, a strong arm of our squadron, without his support and  enthusiasm, we would be much less.  He is a presence that represents the MFF with duty, honor, and integrity and I welcome him to the upper ranks.

I support your decision 100% and am proud to call him my comrade.

Tenhut - Salute, MFF_Bolt!


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