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Mercenaries Fighting Force - Archived Site

From: 453-shep
To: Taco ; Yodaman ; Wolfe ; MercMrAceCO ; Ban_Bandit
Sent: Saturday, December 03, 2005 12:21 AM

Subject: Hyperlobby and CFS2

I found out today that all you have to do to play CFS2 in HK is go to your hyperlobby folder, open the hlpro configuration file and scroll down to the entries:
[Free Chat]
[Combat Flight Simulator]
[Combat Flight Simulator 2]
[European Air War]
[IL-2 Sturmovik (demo)]
Change the 1  in Disable to a 0:
[Combat Flight Simulator]
[Combat Flight Simulator 2]
...and both games will now work.
D/L Hyperlobby from:  Use the Virtual Pilots link.

Introduction of Merc Ryuku Theater of War and MCRoW.


Our new Ryuku Theater is being played as it was designed and intended to be played. This game has anti aircraft guns attempting to protect its flyers at the carrier and base. This is something to do, to attack those attempting to land and take off from their carrier or base.


This new style of playing cfs2 skirmishes simulates more to real life action of war. The Theater of War has been set up on purpose for a new set of rules to play.    


The goal of Ryuku Theater includes:


  • Less time to wait to get in action.
  • A short wait to acquire arming (hot guns).
  • The wait to acquire arming is solely based on the talent, capability of the individual pilot, not on all pilots of his team or enemy team to land.
  • Once individual is armed, he alone may attack the enemy or defend his
  • Times to be into armed and have hot guns, will be based on how talented the pilot is, not on the less talent pilot whom stalls the whole squad to have to wait for a single pilot to succeed in landing so as whole squad may take off.
  • No waiting for a bomber to fly a great distance to land before the war starts.
  • No waiting for a whole enemy team to fly a land at his base before the war starts.
  • No waiting for a whole friend team to fly a land at their base.
  • Missions of how or where a bomber is to fly to which target, how they perform there mission, How, when, why strategy, will not be set by a host of the game, it will be set as in real war, by the commander of the mission and altered as needed in flight.
  • In bomber games, you will not have to wait out the war in the ready room if you are shot down.
  • Once you are armed (have hot guns), there are more choices for what the mission, tactics, goals can be.
  • Game is designed to require more alternative missions , allows individual flight leaders to direct of which way, when, what targets he feels is the greatest threat , which targets of opportunity which should be attacked. When the situation, level of enemy or friendly strength changes in mid mission, then the flight leader may alter his mission.
  • Crashes will be counted as a loss (as in  real life war)
  • Bomber missions to enemy carrier/ base will count extra kills/points for the successful attack as well as bonus kills/points for safely return and landing at there home base.


This opens an opportunity for multi-missions at the same time. A single plane may harass the enemy whom are attempting to get armed at there base, while the rest of friendys are flying to a different mission (such as attack enemy bomber or defend friendly bomber), based on directives of flight leader.


It may be difficult to understand, get used to different way of playing this new game. But the results are worth the effort.  The new game is living up to hopes of its design and method of play.


This game is coming close to be shown, played by the opposing squads of the zone, we will introduce new players to it a few at a time. Make sure they understand the rules, also they demonstrate such, prior to bringing in more of there members to enjoy this Ryuku Theater.


We have introduced a new warp to air positions which are allowable, so as to assist the goal of less wait time to have the individual pilot’s plane armed. That is, warp after a crash or loss by killed to an air position which is approaching their friendly land site.


The rules to the game may be laid out for understanding in a future publication soon. The set up of Multi-swapping, scenery of naval flotilla of carriers and bases (enemy carrier and base as well as a friendly) will take awhile, but it is worth the effort.    A glitch of the introduction of flack causes a non-counting screen display on your screen. The death by flack will give you a crash count (thus a negative kill against your team).  Our new Ryuku Theater is being played as it was designed and intended to be played. This game has anti aircraft guns attempting to protect its flyers at the carrier and base. This is something to do, to attack those attempting to land, and take off from their carrier or base.


 Hope you seek to enjoy this new game.  See you in the theater of war, Ryuku Theater.


--== S ==--


Mercenaries Fighting Force

Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 8:01 AM
Subject: MCRoW


Major Buck,     

                   I remember all our good times in battle, always fun with you as many of your guys.  I have taken the time to write up the introduction of our Ryuku Theater of War.  We have started using it with the new style rules. Major Bolt and other members have tested the rules of play, these trials went well. Our Merc members now understand how the intent, and have experienced the playing of this gm, all like it well. It plays much like I thought it would, as I designed the placement of the two carriers and two land bases on the same island of war. As thought a while back, it requires an ongoing strategy and command missions changes during each battle. It is interesting to hear the requests to the flight leader as these on going changes of more of less support planes being lost , thus requiring a new plane and replacement plane expected to arrive at a remote location from the battle. The conditions of threat change for each adversary from the start to the end. More concern from perceived new threats, unexpectedly the strengths of a fighter wing change constantly. This is a new pressure brought on, which the flight leader must control the battle. There is a buzz of requests and recon info transferred back and forth from participants which we never heard, thus sparking new interests. As in older games, the player had to return to the ready room and wait out the war, not experiencing what was happening with the game, now pilot can respawn, get his new orders , warp to his landing spot, re-enter the battle. No waiting for all friendly / foe planes to land prior to scrambling. No waiting until a threat of a bomber to get so close prior to scrambling, to scramble into battle, depends not on the host, but your flight leader, but first and utmost, the ability of the pilot to be able to land on a carrier without wiping him self or his mates, if he screws up, all deaths are counted against his team. Individual skills are (as in real war) critical to the outcome.

            The fact that deaths as well as kills are taken into account for the game win count seem to be easily done and accepted practice .The team totals at the end of the gm computed at gm end, each kill is a plus 1   , each death is a minus 1, at this time, we allow 5 bonus kills for dropping bombs over a target and 5 bonus kills for bomber landing safely at his base. Safely means land and complete a 180 turn within proximity of his strip.

                    This style of play, probably can be used in any typed of combat game. A Merc Combat Rules of War is being tested and nearing completion of print. MCrow.    The Merc would like to be the first to introduce this New style of play within the Pacific Fighters game, many of our friends, cant afford to switch from dial up or purchase a upgrade pc .As the cfs2 zone declines , it brings us closer to being forced to make a decision as to what course we shall take. I have no doubts that this style (MCRoW ) will be well received in PF.

            PF game, probably allows for scenery development much better with targets, strip location, bombs perception to all, etc , which would be much greater then the cfs2 gm. 

                Thought I'd keep you in touch with what where we are at ,

   Your Merc friends,      


                                                              MrAce        MFF

June 13, 2005
We All Have Witnessed an Unrealistic Turn 
To turn on a dime, this is witnessed as a right angle snap turn to different direction (not possible unless it is a alien space ship).
I would like to point out the workings of pc connection (related to performance of both better or worse pc and or connection) will appear as a mod plane, when in fact, it is just a delay in the images sent. Some of the frames are missing, That is, if i have a older pc which sends my images to your pc in a very slow mode, it will not send all of them to you, as your pc may be capable of receiving a fast rate, like 2000 bits per minute while only they are being sent at 100 bits per minute.
The 1800 bits it never sent to your pc shows up as a right angle turn - an impossible turn for any plane.  But this is because images were not processed - in fact, the plane observed from the slow pc actually was turning prior to the event which is witnessed by the receiver, this is also the case when we receive late hits, long after the attack plane is long gone, you get his hits recorded. This is a common mistake which we must become aware of; late hits, late imagery of a turn (which is left out picture frames) will appear to be a action intended to take advantage of a player when it is a defunctional fault of a slow connection / slow pc.
One should resist the impluse reaction to react to such an experience as if it were a modified plane. This is human to do so, but it is not a correct thing to do.  Slow pc's (or one not tweaked or cleaned up) and slow connections (dialup) will look like a diliberate modified move. But in fact a fallicy of the system, not a human intent.
Mercenaries Fighting Force

Monday, November 28, 2004 10:58 AM

S~ Fellow Members of the MFF,


Most of you have recently heard from Mrace and Bolt briefing you on our plans to rebuild the squadron.


Our goal is to regroup, get a roll call of all current members, and then to reassemble wings by making fewer wings and re-organizing to give each wing more support.  Also Bolt is also organizing a Bomber squad, and is currently selecting a leader for this wing.


As Mrace has stated, "We shall train to be a closer knit fighter group. To acknowledge and put the goal to achieve less deaths for each Member. To cover each others Buttskis as a priority, to seek the closest threat, break off to attack a greater threat to our team. To work closer to cover team, lessen kill count importance: rather, less deaths, to win as a team." 


With this said, I might add that we may have picked up some bad habits along the way that we may have to shed so that we can get a clear focus on the mindset we should have when going into battle.  We should prepare for this train of thought, much like you should adjust to the latter chapters of a subject in school that tear down the basic principals taught in the early chapters.  This gives you a greater perspective and makes you a more valuable pilot.


Join us when you can, we look forward to hearing from you.




The Mercenaires Fighting Force


Newbies,Recruits, retention of Merc members

Merc Members                

            There is attrition problems in any squadron such as additional job requirements, one moves, and family responsibilities come first.

   Recruiting and to retention of a newbie/members starts with each of us, if we see a person within the games whom is of good gaming character we ask them if they are interested in joining a team and wish to learn tactics and play in Missions. There is a wealth of talent within the games, many can join us to just fly and enjoy or some may also wish to assist in the many staff needs for the running of our Group. Our MFF members are to be commended when it comes to finding prospects, assisting a newbie in feeling part of the team by helping in setup basics of pc, joystick, downloads to play as well as inviting them in team sorties, to cover each other.

              Recruiting presents a problem within the newer games, the UBI site lobby doesn’t allow chat. They eliminate a lot of hassling by doing so. So the only way to communicate within the UBI standalone gm is to chat within the gm itself. This may upset the host.

              The recruiting can be done in the hyper lobby, but that is an open door policy to have any type of character to join, this is not favorable. Those whom we see in the more popular rooms, we can observe their good behavior or bad actions. We need to be able make contact with them. We don’t have an open sound device open to the public but we can record the call name .To have our Merc members contact a possible joiner shouldn’t be done within chat of a Squadrons room. The host squad recruits within their room and pays rent for server equipment, etc.

                One way for our membership to assist in increasing their squad roster count is to write down the  exact spelling of a prospects call name, when you get a chance, add it to your friends list. The chat of friends list operates different then cfs2, when you close from cfs2, any sent messages after a person leaves the gm zone are not sent. But in hyper lobby, the message can be sent, to click on prospects name in players lists, set it to Add to friends list , then the name will enter your friends list and when they are present, the name shows,       ImSal1         or          *ImSal1          With the * in front, this means they are in a gm. So, when you leave the zone, send him the message of invite to apply, when he exits the game he is playing in, he will hear a beep, he will read the invite and see a link which he can easily go direct to our site. He also can click on re and return to you a message which will pop up the next time you come into hyper lobby.

                                                                                                                                Send the call name on to our recruiter be recorded as a possible newbie. Also, you may send a message, inquire if they would be interested in learning tactics and flying with a team, include link Http://   

            If we all do this when we see a flyer of good character, this will help us maintain the ranks of each squad. Once they are in, we always make a point to have them feel part of us.

            A good source of newbie potential is from the old cfs2 pilots, each Merc can invite them to enter a member application in our website.

           Retention is not a big problem, as they feel welcome from all the camaraderie they experience. New joiners show up because they enjoy our games.

                         Ty for continuing the quest to have fun, assist in making all members feel welcome and your help in maintaining our ranks.


                                  MrAce          MFF

CFS2 and Pacific Fighters - Hyperlobby
                      Since there are a few members whom have pcs ordered ,or those whom will be forced to hold of until funds allow them to update their Pc's / connection later, we will leave open the avenue of playing Cfs2 on the hyperlobby site,or others which may prove to play well.To convert to new sites will in the future displayed in our Merc site,since the PF is more intense to install for following reasons, i will spend this comunicay with Pacific Fighters  installation and update info as it presents itself .
                      With Cfs2 site closing, we need to ready all to go into new server sites to fly Pacific Fighters game. The normal UBI site for PF game which uses standalone update patches;since standalone patches do not work with the merging of other UBI gms,we will not use the nonconforming standalone patches  .
         We will use Hyperlobby for our source to seek the future Battles and better yet, considering our oun server with its ip to use as our base , (this holds the option to control the rules of play.
           We may The UBI  corp not only supports all their gms but has shown a history of backing up improved play by providing update patches for the many games.
            Ubi has combined the game  IL2 (Sturmovik) with the game  Forgotten Battles into a Gold expansion pack; With this setup (non-stand alone) we then install the PF game ,this combanation combines all three games into a vast, high tech arenia of many various types of WW2 flying theaters of war.
                    The possibilities is mind boggling.
             I find the the best way to enter your Merc call name, would be to copy ( verbatium ), your call name is it is posted in the Merc site roster. The sites we need to go to require at least one letter, and at least one number to be into the call name, Therefore, entering as the roster reads,( Example Merc3MraceCo ) will be used, Note , to change the call name of error, will take a new email address, so check the roster to enter it correctly. Noting, the Co and Xo will have the added Co / Xo info .
             There are various downloads to join the Hyperlobby, this may be for a server which is someone elses, may be our oun, Yet to be determind. As we may be invited to go to numoress allied squadrons, and or  invite them to ours.
                   As we incure problems, we will need to forward info to the Merc website , in order to assist our reserve members  with factual info to setup the new gaming, as well as non Merc members.
                ON our Merc site =  Urles (addys of  Sites ) needed , we shall put in order as needed to load what is needed.
                                    Mrace       MFF

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Briefing Room - The Mercenaries Fighting Force.



The installation packages have been provided as a service to MFF members and other CFS2 enthusiasts. MFF make no claim to authorship of any of the files therein. The Copyright remains with the original authors and with Microsoft Corporation who retain copyright of portions of each of the AI-flyable packages.