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Mercenaries Fighting Force - Archived Site



I,  (Member Name), pledge to uphold the rules and regulations of the Mercenaries Fighting Force, and will represent the squadron in a positive, respectful manner.

Code of Conduct
  1. Reading and understanding the COC is a requirement before wearing the Merc uniform on the Zone. 
  2. New recruits are on a 30 day probation period and must show presence on the Zone.   The probationary period is a time for new members to intermingle and get to know your squadron.  If you are not able to be present for an extended time, you should contact your squad leader, otherwise you may be considered inactive and may be dismissed. 
  3. Entering any room that discriminates against any race, color, creed, culture, or other squadron is strictly prohibited.
  4. Inflammatory remarks, accusations, cursing, to other players or squadrons is strictly prohibited.  Any incidents that need addressing should be reported to the CO or to any member of the Command Group.
  5. All disputes, internal and external, should be handled in a discreet manner.  The CO has final say in any dispute.  If the CO is not available, members of the Command Group can settle disputes. 
  6. No member of the MFF can be removed without CO approval except under emergency circumstances.  If the CO is not present, a unanimous vote from at least 3 members from the Command Group is required. 
  7. Any member of the Command Group can charge temporary probation.  All measures are to be reviewed by the CO as soon as possible for any changes to the action.
  8. Members on disiplinary probation (not preliminary probation) are not allowed to participate in team activities or to wear the MFF uniform while flying.  All COC rules are to be obeyed during the probationary period as with any other time.  Failure to do so will lead to dismissal.
  9. Participation in competitions, events, challenges, etc., where records and scores are kept should be approved by the War Officer or CO.  Persons participating in such events should be approved by the Training Officer or CO.
  10. The COC is a growing document which is always under amendment by the Officers of the Command Group.  All members are welcome to make suggestions to improve this document.  Emails are the best way to communicate suggestions, all emails are welcome and will be considered.

Command Group

Mrace - Group Commanding Officer
Smoke - Group Executive Officer
Bolt - Training Officer and Squadron Command
Corpen - Technical Officer & WO-2

History of The Mercs

We started the Mercenaries Fighting Force on Jan 1st, 03.
We decided to have 3 main squadrons to start of with, because of the different time zones.  That is, across the states those from the east coast are likely to be able to participate in squad activities starting at about 8:00 eastern on.  Those in mid states about a hour and a half later. those in mountain, or pacific time, later yet.  If one is retired, and likes to spend more time in training activities, games, or missions, he is welcome to join the other squadrons activities throughout the nite.  Thus we have the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd squad with start times respectivly from eastern through to pacific time zones. The 4th squadron is set up for similar to a command squad, the the group commander will be in this squad and positions like recruiter, group instructor pilot, assistants to these duties as well as new postitions yet to be filled.  Those within this squad are expected to be fluid and assist other squadrons in such duties regardless of time zone hours to help new members become acclamated into our fighting force, basic training of flying, landing on carriers , as well as advanced tactics and missions.  In due time, we expect to get into bomber escort and eventually bombers squadrons. Once we have enough whom can participate in tournaments, we shall compete.
We are looking for pilots who have good character, no typing cuss words, one who doesn't create problems in a game, no mods are allowed.  As far as attendence, we hope you can participate in activities as much as you like and can. If you dont, you lose the fun. We are not hard on part time flyers, if you say you can be at an event and end up unable to be there, we would like you to notify the leader of such.  This info may not answer all of the questions a newbie may have, so please notify me, I will try to answer your concerns.    
ty - look forward to hearing from you,
Mercenaries Fighting Force

Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 8:58 AM
Subject: Co's , Xo's duties 1

 Company Commander,
       This is the position over a wing of 8 pilots,also extra members up to 12 total for allowing a pool of extra availiable pilots to fill a skirmish  which requires the full squadron count of 8.It is difficult to get 100% participation from just 8.
        The Co is in charge of the skirmish which his squadron is in, he may deligate this flight leader duty out to his Xo or any other person he feels fit to do so. Flight leader will brief the Wing prior to the skirmish compostite a detailed brief conscerning good points and what can use some attention after the fight. The Co gives direction through out the skirmish as to attack plan prior to entery, style of tactics ,manuvers during  flight specific to the challange at hand.He may split certain duties to different pilots also. Such as,   one pilot will call out when and who to start a fir ball,clockwise or counter.  Give direction to a crippled wing member as to what he should do : go land, or go head on with incoming threat, or drag a threat out of pack, drag him in or go high so as to expose the bogie to attack.To give directives thoughout the skirmish.  Such as to request the transmissions to be kept short, to the point and what should be important to state,   and what is not as important and not required so as to lesson the stepping on the more important data.
         The Xo is responsible for the Co's duties in the absents of the Co. Also , the Xo is to assist the commanders duties while the Co is present.
         I do not have time to finish this,       this is the beginning of a continuing update as to duties,responsibilites of the Co and Xo. This memo touches on what comprises a squadon and what the duties are. We will add info as we go.  We shall comprise a patched and whole document later,    once we have gathered more info ,i have to go now.
                                                                    Mrace                 MFF



The installation packages have been provided as a service to MFF members and other CFS2 enthusiasts. MFF make no claim to authorship of any of the files therein. The Copyright remains with the original authors and with Microsoft Corporation who retain copyright of portions of each of the AI-flyable packages.