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Mercenaries Fighting Force - Archived Site

Hotel Cycle

Ghost Skies has just started Hotel Cycle.  The league would love for you and your team to join us!  Legends is a Pit on ladder, Pyro is Pit off.  You can fly either or both.  Check out the website, look over the rules, join the forum, and let me know if you have any questions.  I would love to welcome you aboard!


A Note from Shep
To the old cfs2 players.
             Many of cfs2 are still in transition into the PF/FBaep gm, since we have a core amount of members established in .Our experiences in setup of joystick sensitivities, to improve the flying problems of stalling, to steady sights on the target have greatly been improved ,thus we can assist our transition of members into this new high tech game. If one does not have a communications to experienced flyers within this gm, the first expression would be too overwhelming for new comers and would discourage their desire  to play in this new gm.
If you experience a pc problem,haven't set up sensitivities to match your joystick to this new high tech games, or other reason which you feel you cant compete as well as you have in cfs2, pls join us so we can help you figure out what changes you need done to bring you up to expectations of your skills up to or beyond what you had in cfs2 gm. The expence of Pc requirments are a hurdle, but the entertainment pays you back two fold. When you are ready for the transition, get a hold of us at             Http://
      We can help
     We will start activily start to recruit to help fill our squadrons. There are hundreds of players within hyperlobby. We are considering a server for hosting MFF group games, which will be an asset to allow a improved way to reset rules of gms, We are organizing new scenery gms now for co op and  ip games using the full mission builder,UBI stuff is awsome .We are checking on a pc requirments to see what is needed to have our own MFF group server to be able to host Merc games.
                     Looking forward to your reply and seeing you in our games
                                                    Mrace      MFF

On Wed Mar 1 10:42 , 'mr_ace' <> sent:

Great to see you made it in gms, ImSal,

         Like most gms, a few have juvenile acting players, but soon you will find servers which hold gms, which they are played with good people. We as Merc are still setting up others coming in to gms, we have about 10 of us ready to skirmish, some have advanced into Ace status, me, im not close yet. I've been spending time with bombers, learning what they can or can't do. So much to do in these gms. To help you, make a point to understand the rules of each gm at entry. This will take you awhile to recognize how many different ways it is played. Something one has to take into account , is how many players are of different nationality, Old soviet countries have many players in here, many can't speak English. I know you will enjoy many of these different played scenes, Cya later my friend.
                            Mrace           MFF
To: mrace
Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 12:09 PM
Subject: Re: You made it, cool

Mr Ace,

IL2 simply blows CFS2 away.  I will admit, when you first started sending me updates on your venture into IL2 and the setups and rules, I was skeptical and thought, no this is too serious and not for me, but was I ever wrong.  It is harder to get kills at first and I'm still not very good, but I can feel myself getting better as I go along.  I put you guys in my friends list, what room do you all usually fly in for dogfighting.




Dear Ace,


 To alleviate any confusion.  Here is the definition of our new potential gaming experience.


 Forgotten Battles:  As seen in Hyperlobby


This includes:


1)      IL2 Forgotten Battles, and the Aces Expansion Pack

a)      These 2 games are included together in what's called the "Gold Pack."

2)      Pacific Fighters.... This game will install after the other two.  It installs sequentially.

3)      Hyperlobby:  this is an independent gaming server.  Privately  operated.  It is similar though different from "The Zone"

4)      Patches:  Periodically, upgrades to Forgotten Battles are produced.  i.e. new skins, maps, flight models etc.  Currently, Version 4.02 is the applicable version.  All versions must be downloaded in sequence from the first patch.  We do not use the stand alone patch....ONLY DOWNLOAD THE PATCHES THAT SAY MERGED.  The patches are also defined as the (PF-IL2FB-AEP)

5)      Hyperlobby: Forgotten Battles

a)      We play on the Hyperlobby Server in the Forgotten Battles game room.  The standalone Pacific Fighters game room is not active.

i)        Since we have downloaded all games together they are defined as Forgotten battles in Hyperlobby. Therefore, we have the option of Pacific Theater or European theaters of war, plus the ability to fly different aircraft in Free for All games.  I like this.....very cool.


This is a start I'll have more to follow.





01/01/03 - Merc Squadron Formed
02/26/03 - Training Staff Developed
04/27/03 - Squadron Web Page Developed
04/29/03 - Merc Forum Board Opened
04/30/03 - Merc Logo Submitted 
05/01/03 - Guestbook added to Contact Page
05/06/03 - Downloads & Links Finished
09/11/03 - C.O.C and Charter Posted
11/03/04 - Plans Underway for Squadron Rebuilding



MercReapa   -  Director of the Mission Control Committee
MercULose   -  Assistant Webmaster
MercBish     -   War Officer
MercBee    -    1st Leiutenant to Captain
MercGya    -   Merc ServerMaster, XO
MercSnake  -  Mission Builder, 1st Leiutenant
MercHornet  -  Mission Builder, 1st Leiutenant
Congratulations Gentlemen!


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Mercenaries Fighting Force



The installation packages have been provided as a service to MFF members and other CFS2 enthusiasts. MFF make no claim to authorship of any of the files therein. The Copyright remains with the original authors and with Microsoft Corporation who retain copyright of portions of each of the AI-flyable packages.