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Mercenaries Fighting Force - Archived Site

Letters to the Mercs

Sent: Monday, May 05, 2003 3:06 PM
Subject: seeking your decision
Well hello mrace,
I do believe that your squad is one of the best I have experienced.  For it's not
one or two, even three members that reflect the honest and friendly attitude towards other squads', members, players and friends as your group.
I have had the pleasure of meeting several of your members as well as flying with them.
If I was going to join a squadron, at this moment I would without  a second thought, choose yours.
I do enjoy all of your friendships and of coarse the flying experiences.  Also enjoy the other  squadron's members that visit your sites regularly.  I would hate and not want to lose the respect of you and your members for not joining. I don't wish you to think I'm  that I'm better or want more.
I really haven't wanted to join any squadron at this time.  Its not that I'm looking for a better one or a more experience squadron. I just enjoy the freedom as I roam aat the moment.
I would like to keep up to date with all of you.  For who knows, I could change my mind in the future.
I would be more than happy to place an alliance with our friendship, that if you should need a helping hand and I'm available, I would be honor to fly along with you and your members.
Thank you for invitation and your acceptance and calling me to fly in your rooms.
I do enjoy your eager, well fought, well flown and honest behavior.
I Salute you and all your members.


Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 8:58 PM
Subject: MrAce

    Sir, I must tell you first of all that Mercs is one of the best group of pilots and people i have ever had the pleasure of flying with. Always fun games as I have said sincce January. I have no problems with the team itself nor do I have any problems with anyone in the team. I do feel it's only fair to let you know that some old friends (VERY old...some from the early days of CFS1) have been inviting me to join them mainly in CFS3, but that squad also flies in CFS2. I have been seriously considering this offer as of late because of getting a little burned out in CFS2 (i never try as hard as i used to and that's not fair to the squad). While i have not officially accepted the invitation to join the squad, i'll probably do so in the near future. I hope this won't cause any animosity between myself and any of the Mercs and i hope i'll still be welcome to fly and die in your games, because i will still fly in CFS2 as well as CFS3 (at least for now). I feel like kind of a heel for doing this whith the squad being so new and i do appologize, but as i said coming in i play this only for fun and don't take it too seriously..maybe not even seriously enough to be part of a forming squad.
S! Ace
whatever you wanna call me ;)


Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 8:17 PM
Subject: Re: sign up?

Hi ace!
 I would like to fly with you guys in a few more games before signing up with your squad. ? is do you all fly usn planes all the time. If so I need to see what kind of tatics Mercs are using, be it individaul attacks, flying in pairs or trios etc....seems most effective is to have two wing men  to watch flight leaders six. If leader gets shot then you let number two wingman assume leaders slot then #3 takes twos place. This helps make sure that the flight leaders plane is 100% at all times and his wingmans is too. In the beginning of a fight the leader can call out on RW if he hit an attacking plane so that wing #3 (usually) can finish him off or stay with group to carry on next attack. I see in most non-squad team rooms I have flown in that it becomes "a two sided ffa" but if most of team presents a unified front they are hard to beat. Strength is in numbers and tactics. I think it was Joe Foss who said that a zero vs. wildcat 1 on 1 "that the zero would win, but give me two wildcats that stay togather, thats more than a match for twenty zero's'' That logic can be applied to all aircraft.  Anyway it's about 4:30 out here on the left coast so i'll send this off to you and hopefully see you in the game later and get some flying time with the Mercs.
Resecptfully yours..........Paps    


From:  Tom Rathbone
To:  Bonnie Fall
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003 11:10 AM
Subject: reply

My work schedule will conflict with the tournament.
Also, I have come to realize after many hours and games with the Corsair vs George, I am very much more deadly with the George and achieve more kills and less deaths with this plane although it has much less ammo.  I find I can out-manouver, out-run, and bring more planes down consistantly. I think it can be an asset as a wingman to cripple an enemy and put him/her out of commision to be finished off at leisure. Can also escape a runway landing repair and reload more quickly than most other planes as it can come up to fighting speed quicker than most others. I think this might work well to have two Georges in a game for these reasons.  Think about it and let me know what you think (the right tool for the right job?). At any rate, this tactic may be worth a good test!


From: "VMF232 HQ"

To: mrace

Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 11:48 PM

Subject: Re: ty

S~ ace, and it was my pleasure to set that forum up for you guys. Always willing to help, especially an honorable squad like the Mercs. VMF-232 looks forward to our battles, and the fact that the two squads get along well is definitely a positive thing. The Mercs continue to raise the bar, forcing VMF-232 to improve. S~ Tonight we did that Brunhost. You guys did damn fact that is (I think) the first time that the escort team has won! Really though the best way to run that particular scenario is as a Last Alive, but it was totally fun none-the-less. My apologies again: it has been so long since we ran a Brunhost that there were things I forgot about, such as the starting co-ords for the Dakota's, the fact that when I fire up Brunhost I can make it No-Fun or Last Alive, etc. It was a long warm-up, but I think both sides had a fun time. I look forward to doing these Brunhost things again. (in fact I have a variation of this same mission-involving Multi-Swap, where the teams Land and Scramble...on carriers! These carriers are placed near-by the bases AW#1 and AW#2. The C-47's are replaced by B-25's on a raid that evades attackers. All that the players need to do is Multi-Swap to that Mission, then Brunhost -run by me- places the teams there. A link to MPSUtil is found again at our website Any questions or to seek direct comment to me.


From: mrace

To: VMF232 HQ

Subject: ty

Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 15:50:11 -0400

to Major Keef,

ty for the gift. my guys always look forward to skirmishes with the 232, brought on by the friendly reception we receive by Major Buck and all the guys within your squad. we enjoy it even though we get beat up bad, we get a few licks in here and there. the more we play 232 ,ever so slowly the better we get . the camaraderie is great ,the ability to check out our new tips and to polish our slowlyyyyyyyyyy increasing skills, and we know of no better squadron to compete with then the VMF232nd squadron. you have set up a bravenet account for us; this will assist us to communicate between ourselves, to share ideas, pictures, screen shots, tactical and maneuver drawings.

mrace, mercenaries fighting force


Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 6:54 PM
Subject: VMF-232 gift

S~ Ace, this is Keef.

First of all let me say that -232 has had a lot of fun flying against you and your squadron. You guys continue to offer us top-notch and challenging competition. I know Buck has worked with you guys a bit and he came up with this idea, which I am now giving you. He mentioned that you guys dont have a way to really communicate together unless it is through tedious emails, so as a gift, he requested I come up with a Forum for you guys to use. So here it is! lol. I set up a Bravenet account (free of course) that you may have. All you gotta do is take it over.

Go to this link: (you might want to add this page to Favorites) and type in the following: Username: ### Password: ********** This opens up a Members Area, and you will immediately see a 'maintain your forum' and 'maintain you photo gallery'. There are other options there as well, that I didn't activate but since this is now your Bravenet thing, you can do whatever you want. I suggest that you first look into the 'Edit My Profile' thing or whatever it is called (lol) and make any necessary changes in Passwords or username (I obviously don't need to have access to edit this forum anymore, but you do). Not sure that you or any Mercs have done a Bravenet thing before, so I'll walk you through what I did to set this up...

1- The forum is set up right now to be public (open to any visitor), handy for setting up matches or whatever. This can be changed under Maintain Forum, edit settings, to become a Password-only site if you want, so that JUST the Mercs can have access to it. (I have one set up separate from our public forum on the website so that we can openly discuss things about flying or whatever amongst ourselves).

2- looking at that Forum-edit page you also see other options, like Look and Feel, Images, etc, that allow you to change the colors, fonts, smiley-faces, 'show email', 'show IP', colors, and background images...

3- You'll remember I also set up a Photo Gallery. I did this so that you could have a personal Merc logo if you want, and I included a simple one that I came up with, viewable in the upper left corner, as well as a simple background image viewable in the background body of the forum itself. Change them all you want, like I said it is all yours. The Photo Gallery was needed of course, since it is the only way for these images to be used in the forum itself. Use it for submitted screenshots by your pilots or whatever too.

4- right now I have this Forum viewable from a 'dummy' WebPages I set up, but that of course is just temporary. All you need to do, (I assume you have a website?? Buck thought so..) is have your website-guy put this HTML code in the <body part of the page and viola! it is now on that page as a link: (code removed).

enjoy! S~ and thanks to Buck for the idea.

Major Keef Commanding Officer VMF-232

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