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Mercenaries Fighting Force - Archived Site

From CO mr ace

     last night we played against the 232nd squad. there were 6 against 6 (on the average). we experienced some horrible deaths when they hit with guided bullets.  as we got ate up we wondered why we ran out of ammo and they seemed to have more. we seldom came close in kills.we went down faster when hit then they.  ive been made aware that they in fact were hitting us harder, more precisely and were not running out of ammo as quick as we were.      hmmmmmmmmmmm, how can this be.
     i went into quick flight: to practice my new found advice. i was in a short time, hitting harder. i cut the wings off, sliced the zeros in half, used less ammo in short order, and was able to turn on a new target much sooner.
     try the shooting change of getting closer by quick flight and shoot at closer range only, 500 to 700 range. not only are the bullets hitting harder (because of more velocity at shorter range); there are more of the 6 guns likely to hit the target.  plus the increased abitlity for the gunner to aim at a particular part of the plane, rather then trying to just hit the plane. precision hits at one spot of the plane versus spraying all over it will affect greater damage, quicker.  also, if you are hit and are critical, climb so as to get bogie in pursuit to expose his more vunerable belly so as your team mate can attack the more vulnerable belly of the bogie.       
    to hit the critical parts of the bogie will dismantle his ability and use less ammo.  i distinctly remember when the 232nd shot at my lowered wing as i banked to evade,even though i was only hit by a few bullets; this precise shot dis-allow my recovery.  if you need to shoot at over 700 range, use a few short bursts till you gain the close range advantage.       
    to see for yourself , go to quick flight for some gunnery practice , shoot at 1300 to 1500 range for a couple of games, then move in to 500 to 700 range to see a difference.  the 232 is a great squad to compete against. they teach us to die with dignity with out rubbing it in and at the same time giving us the time to learn and improve.  we, the mercenary fighting force can only find our allied 232 a great asset to our betterment and we thank them for helping us.        
we salute the 232nd  and their good will ambassador,
 --==S==--  232_Major_Buck
the mercenaries fighting force

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