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Mercenaries Fighting Force - Archived Site

Appreciation to 232 

to Major Keef,
     ty for the gift.  my guys always look forward to skirmishes with
the 232, brought on by the friendly reception we recieve by Major Buck and all the guys within your squad. we enjoy it even though we get beat up bad, we
get a few licks in here and there. the more we play 232  ,ever so slowly
the better we get . the comraderie is great ,the ability to check out our new
tips and to polish our slowlyyyyyyyyyy increasing skills,and we know of no
better squadron to compete with then the VMF232nd squadron.
     you have set up a bravenet account for us;this will assist us to
communicate between ourselves,to share ideas,pictures, screen
shots,tactical and maneuver drawings.

                               mrace,     mercenaries fighting force

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The installation packages have been provided as a service to MFF members and other CFS2 enthusiasts. MFF make no claim to authorship of any of the files therein. The Copyright remains with the original authors and with Microsoft Corporation who retain copyright of portions of each of the AI-flyable packages.