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From Major Keef - 232

Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 11:48 PM
Subject: Re: ty

S~ ace, and it was my pleasure to set that forum up for you guys. Always
willing to help, especially honorable squads like the Mercs. VMF-232
looks forward to our battles, and the fact that the two squads get along well
is definitely a positive thing. The Mercs continue to raise the bar,
forcing VMF-232 to improve. S~
Tonight we did that Brunhost. You guys did damn fact that is
(I think) the first time that the escort team has won! Really though the
best way to run that particular scenario is as a Last Alive, but it was
totally fun none-the-less. My apologies again: it has been so long since we ran
a Brunhost that there were things I forgot about, such as the starting
co-ords for the Dakota's, the fact that when I fire up Brunhost I can make it
No-Fun or Last Alive, etc. It was a long warm-up, but I think both sides had a
fun time. I look forward to doing these Brunhost things again. (in fact I
have a variation of this same mission involving Multi-Swap, where the teams
Land and Scramble...on carriers! These carriers are placed near-by the bases
AW#1 and AW#2. The C-47's are replaced by B-25's on a raid that evades
attackers. All that the players need to do is Multi-Swap to that
then Brunhost -run by me- places the teams there. A link to MPSUtil is
again at our website

Keef out.

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