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From CO Mrace -

In regards to playing CFS games with the mercenaries name - The Mercenaries set their games up for the non-squad member. Some squadrons hand pick only the proven Top aces for other squads. Will not train a rookie. For the most part, we shall cater to the rookie or experienced single player. These newbies or veteran pilots are the lifeblood of this MFF group. This is where our present members came from, and this is where our future pilots will come from. Todays rookie is tomorrows Top Ace.

The game room they enter should have the mercenaries name displayed, teams should show Merc or squadron logo, 100%, CFS2 disk only displayed where it can be read before they join the game room. No slewing or fuel dumping.

Once they join and they are waiting for the game to launch, the settings note which they can read should display the common rules which are unique to our games and have been used for months, and are accepted in average favor are = approaches and landings are safe. Once the wheels touch the ground, it is safe only on the airstrip. That is, if a plane approaches strip, it is obvious his wheels are coming down, it is safe while landing. If not obvious, it would be best for the pilot to call "fnl" so as to make enemy aware but not necessary. Once wheels touch the ground, it is not safe if he undershoots the runway; the pursuing boogie may fire, till the taxiing plane makes it to the strip, where he is safe. If he cant stop and runs off the strip, he is back in the danger zone. Once the wheels leave the strip it is not safe for him. Those new to the CFS games like to be able to attempt to land a crippled plane in order to have it repaired and at least rearmed.

The settings should be, to conform with others which many Merc members setup are; re-spawn at 9999, 277mph, restricted is on, teams, no victory settings. No victory seems to be accepted for most because they may come and go to change planes, take a break, etc without disrupting the other players. Also late comers dont have to wait to get in, they join as we fly. Many squadron members like to be able to come and go. There may be exceptions to this rule, when another squad comes in as a team. Even at this first start up, it is helpful that participants can enter the game, go to ready room to change a plane, join up to a voice channel. This also allows host to adjust the teams to be even by requesting a player to return to ready room for radar correction, to adjust team count, etc. It is to be noted that we will always attempt to set up the game so as the Merc members fly together, we will be able to communicate and learn each others habits. Exceptions are to even the teams up, but as soon as the new joiner comes, the Merc member should return to the ready room and join back up with the Merc. It would be good to say we will set Vics (victories) on the next game, but for this first one, others will want to get set up, so the team who reaches a pre-determined kill count can call = " 20 kills" and return to the ready room. To start game we separate blues north, reds south.

Mrace - Mercenaries Fighting Force

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The installation packages have been provided as a service to MFF members and other CFS2 enthusiasts. MFF make no claim to authorship of any of the files therein. The Copyright remains with the original authors and with Microsoft Corporation who retain copyright of portions of each of the AI-flyable packages.